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Never in the history of humanity and technology has there ever been a way that allows players to create as much change in the world as Project Tabs allows. Register for TABS, become activated and start playing the game that only the 1% have been playing.  Time to level out the playing field!!

We are living in a very crazy world and while you may think that all hope is lost and are ready to give up…don’t worry there is still hope.  If you are reading this, that means you took that step towards wanting to see change, justice and a better world. Its by no mistake you chose to become a member and it does come with its perks that only you have access to.  

Once we hit certain subscription milestones we can start planning the rollout of the 2.0 version.  To fully understand what is needed to create an engaging

real time reality based social game, it will take time to line up enough realities for members to create and also get to know more about you and the realities and future you want to create.  It is important to know where we plateau with members which allows us to scale accordingly. 

There is a lot to get into place and it will take some time to do as its based on the number of members. Your patience is appreciated while we can prepare for the release of the 2.0 blockchain version.  It will be something quite amazing…after all, you are creating it.

To everyone that signs up, you all will share 90% of the profits generated from the Project Tabs Platform. Project Tabs will be the first business that will earn you money in your world and everyday you will be able to add new projects that will earn you money. As the platform grows so will the amount of projects that have the ability to earn you money.

Project TABS is a Pay To Use social game and platform. By creating a Pay To Use platform we can begin to eliminate the bots that plague current social platforms. It is also an invite only platform which further reduces the amount of bots so we are creating a Pay It Forward Initiative.

How the Pay It Forward Initiative works is simple. Project TABS will be gifting X amount of people a 1 year $25.00 membership. In order to activate your TABS platform, you will have the ability to gift as many people as you would like but you will have to pay for the membership for the first person you gift it to.

You are building a team with every membership you gift to someone and the top 25 teams will receive one of the many incentive giveaways with the top team receiving the top incentive giveaway.

As an activated member, you also have a stake in Project TABS and in other projects you include in your world that have the potential to earn money as there are many ways for activated members to earn money. Over a short time, the platform will be able to pay for itself and in the longer term it can generate another income for those activated members.

In order to launch Project Tabs we need to know how many people want to be part of the platform so we can begin planning the realities that users of the Project TABS platform will be able to create in their world.

We have been watching the 1% play this game while the 99% have been sitting on the sideline while they buy up the world while we go further into debt and poverty. It is time to change the way the game is being played and activate the 99%. When we become activated, the 1% does not stand a chance against what we the 99% will be able to do.

We can flip the script quite easily and believe it or not, we have the ability to dictate and control our future. The first and most important thing we need to do is UNITE! Unity is key and they know that which is why they created such a divide amongst society especially the past 3 years.

If you want a platform that believes in free speech, that wants to help unite the world and provides you with the ability to change the world and make it a better place, sign up now so you don’t need to wait to receive an invite. Secure your guaranteed spot now and choose your team wisely.

These new realities we are creating have to be fully funded in order for the projects to begin to earn you money.  The best part about Project Tabs and the projects we take on is that there is ZERO debt attached to any of the projects.  Not only do we level out the playing field with the 1% elite class but we also eliminate debt altogether.  

A message from the founder.

 Welcome, and thank you for your interest with Project Tabs!

Never before has there been such a way for people to become so involved in making massive positive impacts around the world on a daily basis. What you will experience using Project Tabs is your daily dose of reality, the ability to begin predicting your future and creating a legacy that cannot be achieved anywhere else. Your participation in wanting to rebuild society and change the world would really mean a lot!


As we navigate through these unprecedented times, it’s obvious that things aren’t going to improve anytime soon if we don’t take charge ourselves in order to create change. And this change can only begin with you! Becoming an activated player does come with some responsibility, since only you are responsible for your world and its success. Only you can create the world and future you want to have and see. Along with your full membership you will also be eligible to apply for the jobs we post, contests we run and daily incentive giveaways ranging from eco products, electric cars and eco homes.




Not only that, you get to earn real money! Once a project is activated and fully funded, you will be updated on progress and begin receiving your share of the profits once established and generating revenue.  


Who knows how long it will take to surpass other social platforms and become the largest social platform in the world but just remember you’re the ones getting to decide how this platform is built and operates….you are in control! I will always be completely upfront and transparent with you so there is never any doubt about the future of what you are building. Project Tabs will never become a publicly traded company or be sold to anyone. That is a promise I am making to you as I want you to be confident that what you’ve built, the future you’re creating and the legacy you are leaving behind won’t ever be controlled by anyone but YOU.


Once your game begins you will be able to do some truly amazing things that will enhance your life, the planet, the future and your legacy. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to send any ideas and feedback that can be helpful as we begin developing the 2.0 blockchain version as well as any initiatives, land and business Project Tabs should consider.


Keep in mind that this is a reality based platform and the realities you’ll be creating will take time to come to fruition depending on the scale of your projects. There will never be another platform like Project Tabs and that is because you’re building it and benefiting from it, not a select few whose main goal is to make obscene amounts of profit off your personal data and information. Just remember…free comes with a cost.


I wish you the best as you begin this journey creating your world, your future and your legacy….ENJOY!


Steven Archambault
Founder and CEO

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