Building the platform!


Use of funds

  The purpose of these funds is to hire the staff and build the infrastructure needed to begin creating a new social platform that benefits the user, society and our planet.  We will always be transparent and have accountability which is lacking with most social platforms in use today.



 The ones who contributed to this project will be able to share 90% of the profits from the social platform once generating revenue.   As a contributor to this project, you will also have the ability to enter contests related to this project as well as apply for a variety of positions that the social platform will be hiring for.  We will begin hiring staff when our first milestone is met at $250 000.00 contributed and will continue to hire as we hit the next series of milestones.

As a contributor, you will have the ability to apply for these jobs as they will be posted on the Project Tabs website. You will also be able to enter in all the contests related to this specific project.

Jobs – This project has the potential to create upwards of 100 000 jobs worldwide.

The Minimum Goal