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RIght now we have a real opportunity to end the divide amongst society, reunite and become a force to be reckoned with.  The one big thing that can unite us again is the issue of the vaccine passport.  It’s the one thing that regardless of your decision to get vaccinated or remain unvaccinated, the push for a passport to go to certain places has struck a chord with many.


Here in British Columbia Canada, there is a very strong push against it among businesses around the province.  It’s great that we know what businesses aren’t going to support it but the next hurdle is the legal action that will come when they enforce the vax pass on the 13th of September.  


We are fortunate to have lawyers who will do some pro bono representation but the amount of legal representation needed for what will happen in British Columbia as well as the world for that matter, we will need to retain lawyers which of course costs money.  Just using British COlumbia as an example, over 100k businesses and supporters joined that group.  If each of those people put in 100.00, we could create a fund that would exceed 10 million dollars.  


If ⅕ of the BC population did that, the fund would be over 100 million dollars.  If every province, state and country did this we would be more than able to retain the best lawyers in each of our provinces, states and countries and really tackle this serious issue and other legal issues such as crimes against humanity, genocide, child human trafficking to name a few legal initiatives the fund will assist with.

Any money left over in the fund, once we accomplish what we set out to achieve with the legal fund, you the people will decide the next initiatives and projects that money will go to such as food security, land acquisition, clean water, mental health, homelessness. addiction, veterans and injured military, venture capital, healthcare, education, reforestation just to name a few.


We can’t sit back and watch firms like Blackrock and Vanguard as well as people like Bill Gates who are buying up a lot of real estate…commercial, residential and land.  Imagine what we can do if we worked together and used this pooled money to counter the 1% buying up everything…which is all part of the Great Reset.  There is a real opportunity that would end the 1% being they hold the majority of the wealth.  Just imagine what 99% of us could do if we pooled $100.00…there would not be a 1% any more. If we put $100.00 year after year after year, the 1% could not compete with us.  

We’ve been sitting on the sidelines for way too long watching and allowing the 1% to buy everything while we all dream about being them.  Little do most people know that together as a society united, we are unstoppable.  There was nothing that really activated the 99% and start playing “the game” until now.  

I’ve been working on a strategy for 10 years that helps society reach its fullest potential and make the world a better place.  The time has come to put this strategy into action.  Project TABS (Take Action Become Social) is a site that’s all about TAKING ACTION and to BECOME SOCIAL as we as HUMANS are meant to be rather than the transhuman route governments seem to really be pushing.

Before we can move forward with the fun aspects of project tabs platform, we need to unite and make sure we prepare for the legal battle we have ahead of us.  If we don’t take action now, then we may miss the opportunity and lose all of our rights, freedoms and liberties and miss the opportunity that we have right now.  


Until we win these legal challenges we need to keep working on uniting with one another.  Unity is the first step we need to take in order to achieve what we all want regardless of our differences.

How to defeat vaxx passports without leaving home.

How Russian Citizens 

Crushed Moscow’s Dumb Vaccine Passports in Just 3 Weeks


Here’s how they crushed Mayor Sobyanin’s vaccine passport – and it was pretty simple. Moscow residents simply stopped frequenting any business that required a vaccine passport. 

The really beautiful thing about this was that the vaccinated people stood in solidarity with the unvaccinated. Business trickled to near zero at all establishments where the vaccine passport was required.

Moscow residents let their hair grow out, skipped going to bars and restaurants, didn’t go to the movies, didn’t stay in hotels or do anything else that required a vaccine passport.

Business owners from all over the city were suddenly calling Mayor Sobyanin’s office to chew his ear off about the vaccine passports. They were going broke, and they were mad as hell about it.

Marina Zemskova, the head of a regional hotel and restaurant association in Russia, said the vaccine passport turned out to be worse for business than a full lockdown. At least if there was another lockdown, she notes, businesses “could count on some kind of government support measures.”

There’s no government support coming under a vaccine passport system. What the not-very-elite elites failed to anticipate about Moscow residents was they would simply not participate in the scam at all.

The business owners were so infuriated with the mayor that Sobyanin made a sudden, surprise announcement on July 19th that nobody needs to use a vaccine passport anymore. He made up a hilarious excuse, claiming that COVID case rates were all better suddenly, as the reason for lifting the QR code passports.

But everyone knew the truth. Moscow residents decided that their medical privacy and their right to travel is more important than whatever the people in charge were telling them.

It was a massive case of civil disobedience – and they didn’t even have to go outside and set things on fire in a big protest. All they did was say, “Any business that wants to see a vaccine passport from me is not getting any of my money.”


That’s how you do it

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