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Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines watching the 1% play the game and dictate how everything will be? Project Tabs will activate the sidelined 99%, helping them take action and thus, level the playing field. No more of the rich getting richer. 

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Our Platform

At its core, TABS interactive design is a process that begins with empathy – for people, their needs, their hopes, their frustrations – and ends with a product that honours what’s human about us with an empowering fun factor element.

Leave a legacy

Our goal is to create a platform that allows each and every one of us to be able to leave a legacy, a legacy that generations can look back on and be proud of what we’ve accomplished to make sure there is a future for those generations to come.

We're leveraging cutting edge technology to build a better future


Built to utilize blockchain we’re bringing people together with ethical tech that can be used for everything from transactions to organizing groups via TABS to fund social causes that plague our Earth. There are no limits.

Become Activated

We are currently living in unprecedented times and witnessing a worldwide collapse of many systems we depend and rely on.  It is now up to us to rebuild society, humanity and the planet the way it was intended to be but first we need to activate the 99% in order to achieve that goal of a better society, better planet and better life.

Its time we come together and make this world a better place so that there is a fighting chance for the next generations. We still have a chance to right the ship but the truth is this could be our last chance to get things right.  Let’s put our differences aside and let’s begin working together at making things right, create a life worth living and a legacy that will last forever. 

Question is…are you ready to play a game of REALITY that will change    your life and the world? Too late, you’re already playing except you’re  sitting on the sidelines while the 1% elite have been the only ones playing   the game.  If you want to become activated and finally get into the game, sign up and secure your guaranteed Project TABS invitation when we launch the Pay It Forward Initiative. Reality is a much better place  to be…you won’t regret it!

Ready to make a difference?

As a fully activated player, you will be able to see Realtime updates on the projects and causes you’ve chosen, access news, new action, and other people who are taking action the same way you are.

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We provide the tools and information for users to begin rebuilding their world such as Venture Capital, Land Acquisition, Resource and Business Acquisition, Sustainable Development Projects, Humanitarian Initiatives to name a few.

Watch your change in action

With our members platform you will be able to see Realtime updates on the causes you’ve chosen and access news, new action, and other people who are taking action the same way you are.


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